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Java Balance

1/15 Coffee is Jakarta’s latest gastronomic delight, drawing coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike to the nestled streets of Gandaria. Thomas Tran reports.

Named after the simplest method in manual brewing where 1:15 is the ideal coffee-to-water ratio, architectural designers David and Stephanie Getty have redeveloped an under-appreciated showroom into a unique, standalone café.


“Being a standalone shop has its constraints, however it also allows the project an opportunity to stand out and evolve on its own”, mention David and Stephanie. “The openness and communal seating gives the space a sense of community and allows and encourages interaction and spontaneous conversations”.


The economy of design played a significant aspect during the renovation process for the architectural designers.

The designers explain, “The precedent for design reflects the efficiency and simplicity of form of the traditional street warung [a type of small family-owned business in Indonesia and Malaysia].


“When the client is in your immediate family, everyone is involved to some degree with [their] own unique set of skills,” they add.

1/15 owner Nathalia Gunawan, together with her family, owns a furniture manufacturing business where most materials were sourced. The design and furnishings inside epitomise the family’s love for slow brewing coffee and fine craftsmanship.


Gunawan believes “in creating an atmosphere where the local and foreigner can find their own comfort within the walls of 1/15 to relax, unwind, or carry out business as usual.

“We position coffee as an inseparable part of creative works and forward thinking. And with this modest philosophy we carry our dream to strengthen Indonesia’s position in the global map of coffee connoisseurs”.


Christopher and Retno Prasas

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