Longtable, Bangkok

Best viewed at night, the Longtable celebrates Bangkok’s illuminated cityscape with a Thai inspired design and, obviously, a really long table. Wynn A. Bay reports.

The restaurant by Orbit Design Studios is located on the 25th Floor of the Column Tower serviced apartments in the CBD area of Sukhumvit. Upon arrival a wall-printed mythical Ramayana, the Monkey-God capable of yawning stars and moon, greets visitors, and a fibre-optic infinity light box point the way to the reception counter and visually invite us to the city lights beyond. The elongated lines of the wood finishings on the floor, ceiling, and the other side of the wall further extend this sense of inertia and visual invitation.

The space planning consists of two areas: a dimly lit bar area to the outside and a warmer, brighter dining area accessed via the back of the reception counter. Both areas resonate with a fusion of extensive wooden features and hidden lighting, creating a unique modern mood. 

Apart from the immediate allure of the entrance, the spatial organisation of the bar area also contributes to capturing the scenery of the city – the bar counter has been carefully positioned so as not to obscure the city views of the entrance corridor, leaving only a hint of red glowing lights and ensuring the sight of Bangkok is properly framed.

The dining area is where the 25-meter ‘longtable’ is positioned, either as compensation or as alternative for diners not viewing the city light. The rhythmic white seating placement, fabric lightboxes above, and the wood flooring appear to elongating the already impressive table. 

The gastronomic concept of Longtable is of modern Thai, offering a selection of traditional dishes elevated by unexpected surprises and artistically presented. 


Orbit Design Studio