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Monochromatic Magic: Seed Store by Mim Design

Monochromatic Magic: Seed Store by Mim Design

Some retail stores make shopping entirely enjoyable. Seed’s store in Melbourne Emporium, by Mim Design, is one. It’s bold and charming and celebrates the retailer’s iconic style.


Keeping in line with the company’s monochromatic design preference, Mim Design have used a paired back palette, emphasising the quality finishes and enhancing customer experience. Materials like natural stone tiles, black powder-coated seedpod, French Oak and timber lining run throughout the space, guiding the eye and creating a pleasant shopping experience; clothes are not the only marvels in this store.




Separating the store’s floor space, in areas specific to age demographics, required MIM to incorporate some inventive design elements. Bright colours, for example, differentiate the children and teen areas from the adults.

“Charm comes from unexpected elements discovered throughout the store,” says MIM’s representative – an approach evident in the large ‘pod’ like structure that sits center stage. The central seed pod not only creates a central focal point, but directs foot traffic and engages customers.


Being attractive to both children and their parents, the pod is a testament Mim’s design. Through design they have connected the various ages groups and proved it is possible to create a space that both adults and children can enjoy – neither feeling out of place.



In the changing room, golden stools and wood finishes expand the use of natural elements throughout the layout and build on the clever balance between luxury and playfulness. Most of these finishes and features, custom designed by Mim, are a further point of appeal. Unique and thoughtful, they emphasise Seed’s presence in the industry as an “icon of style and substance withstanding the test of time”.





Photography by Shannon Mcgrath

Mim Design