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Heat Beads Hawkers’ Market

We visit the Heat Beads® Hawkers’ Market and find out there’s more to
eating than meets the eye. Alice Blackwood gets tucked in.

Just as its name implies, the Heat Beads® Hawkers’ Market was one of the hottest – and tastiest – places to be during the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival (MFWF).

Held over just three days, this unique night market was easily a festival highlight, and perhaps the main attraction for those with ‘foodie’ running in their blood.

Capturing some of the region’s most colourful dishes and dances (more on that later), the Heat Beads® Hawkers’ Market kicked off in 30 degree heat, with crowds topping the 2,000 mark.

The main concourse was teaming, with hungry revellers downing steaming dishes and spicy morsels in rising temperatures – a combination which perfectly re-conjured the essence of Asian-style street markets.

Recreating those bustling backstreets, the market tapped in to the competitive, fast-paced culture of street food with a medley of cuisines.

Dainty Sichuan served up skewers of small super-spicy bites – everything from mushrooms to eggs, meaty morsels and more. There was Babi Guling – Traditional Balinese Roast Port, Ikan Panggang – Grilled Fish in Banana Leaf, and Chongquing – Chilli Chicken. And this is just the tip of the heat bead!

With the hum of crowds rising high into the rafters of Melbourne’s Victoria Markets, the sounds of drums, chanting, bright costumes and dancing threaded its way through the crowds.

Just one of hundreds of events being held at the MFWF, the Head Beads® Hawkers’ Markets summoned the unique and vibrant culture of the Australasian region, sharing with locals and internationals alike, the spice and life behind fast-paced food.

The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival runs until 23 March 2010.


Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

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