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How to Instil the Artisanal with the Contemporary

Williams Burton Leopardi’s clear vision and restraint complete the heritage intended for the home, crafting openings to engage with nature and reinforce a rhythm in the process.

Reinstating a lost grandeur, Stanley Residence is founded on the ideas of generosity and stateliness. In its previous occupation, the home stood large and bold on its site, resembling a European country estate in size and proportion, yet it lacked the finesse resulted from being crafted by an artisanal hand. Williams Burton Leopardi then brought that hand, combining a considered and time-laboured approach to elevate the entire home, creating character and charm and connecting it to place.

Approached from a long and anticipating driveway behind a landscaped hedge, the home reveals itself slowly. In its symmetry, the 12-metre by 12-metre home is idyllically reminiscent of the heritage principles it references. A series of newly formed gestures complete that initial intended connection to heritage and bring a recognisable purpose. Both externally and internally, all finishes are reconsidered and replaced, and a reconfigured plan connects the internal experience of the home with its surrounding formal landscape.

While there are elements that connect to heritage, Stanley Residence is essentially a contemporary home that pays respect to traditional techniques. The same rhythm instilled in the façade is brought inward, with a clear and open circulation that signals movement and transition between spaces.

An internal openness is then emphasised through steel and glass doors and windows, while also aiding in separation as needed. A muted palette of similar toned neutrals makes volumes feel consistent and sinuous, wrapping the spaces to create a restful feel. Home to its family of four, each space reflects its occupants in subtle ways while feeling connected to the greater sense of cohesion throughout.

By raising and lowering ceilings, a feeling of compression and release signals room and zone changes while not interrupting an overall connectedness. Incorporating and celebrating a sense of flow then underpins the home, both within the home and between the inside and out. Increased openings allow natural light to bathe the home and reduces the reliance on exterior energy sources to maintain a consistent comfort.

At the heart of any home, and in particular this one, is the creation of a shared comfort and sense of retreat. Although heightened materiality signals an increased quality, the home remains connected to its owners, as a place that embraces through warmth.

Williams Burton Leopardi’s Stanley Residence embodies principles of luxury and the benefits of a considered and resolved home, through the realignment with the home’s original stylistic intent.

Project Details

Architecture and interiors – Williams Burton Leopardi
Build – Tandem Building
Landscape – David Baptiste Garden Design
Photography – Caroline Cameron

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