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ALLOY Design

Based in Sydney, Australia, ALLOY (ALLOY Design Pty Ltd) works exclusively with high quality metals and alloys, predominantly stainless steel, as well as titanium, copper, brass and raw steel, to design and produce modern objects, finishes and architectural features.

Jonathon Worner, design director at ALLOY, started the company in 1998 out of a fascination with the beautifully utilitarian nature of stainless steel and a love for functional, practical design nurtured by his agricultural background. Creating a small range of no-nonsense yet elegant pieces 'sculptured' from the hi-tech precision machines housed at Pressform, his family's industrial engineering company in Perth Western Australia, Jonathon quickly recognised a gap in the design market for a range of high quality, long-lasting metal home wares with a pared-back design aesthetic.

With the innovative re-engineering of mundane objects into metal, Jonathon struck a chord with the design conscious who have sought out his solid, stainless steel range that includes napkin rings, 'tank' canisters, shot 'glasses', dishes and candlestick holders. The collection has been lauded for its "cool sophistication" on the pages of high profile design bibles including Wallpaper*, Dwell, Vogue Living and Belle.

Turning his attention to building surfaces, Jonathon developed the highly successful solid stainless steel mosaic tile, which, until ALLOY's innovative approach, traditional tile manufacturers had been unable to produce.

In a few short years, Jonathon has taken his simple, inspired idea for punched, solid metal tiles, from a local to a global concern. The exclusive ALLOY tiles are now produced in copper, brass, raw steel and titanium in a wide range of styles and finishes, distributed around the world and coveted by the world’s leading designers for use on domestic and commercial projects.

Since its beginnings in Perth, Western Australia, ALLOY has maintained its commitment to creating products of the highest quality, whether its own designs, one-off custom designs, or solutions developed in collaboration with clients for any area of design or industry.

Backed by Pressform’s 20 year’s experience in metal manufacturing, all of ALLOY’s products are still proudly Australian Made and have been designed and manufactured to maintain their integrity for a lifetime.

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