Live Uninterrupted.

One of the main advantages of Aneeta windows is the beautifully clean and clear views they offer. With nothing to stand in the way or distract, people are free to get lost in a moment of pure connection and reflection. We capture those moments.

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Bespoke Design For A Volume Home Build

To describe Ballarat House by Eldridge Anderson in as few words as possible, there are none more fitting than: “a humble home.”

Aneeta Duomode Windows: The Best Of Both Worlds

A sleek and modern take on traditional servery windows, Aneeta’s Duomode sashless window gives the streamlined appearance of a fixed window and the functionality of a fully operable one.

Aneeta Sashless Windows | Habitus Living

Aneeta: Bringing You Uninterrupted Views And Unparalleled Possibilities

To use the term ‘uninterrupted’ to describe the view from an Aneeta sashless window is almost an understatement.

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