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antoniolupi is a Tuscan company that since more than seventy years has distinguished itself on the Italian and International markets for their bathroom furnishings projects. A reality that continues to develop due to investments in technology and creativity as well as collaboration with international architects and the capability of design and innovation. Although antoniolupi began by producing exclusively bathroom accessories and mirrors, its product line now embraces the entire living space, thanks to the collaboration with established designers. High quality product, customer care and a vast assortment of collections offered are the key elements that together with a deep passion for work guide the Lupi family in their choices. The company has chosen tailor-made production over mass production in order to meet all sorts of requirements and to offer unlimited options for customisation.

Projects Featuring antoniolupi Products

This Void House In Singapore A-Voids Prying Eyes

How do you reconcile a proclivity for easy, open living with a compulsion for privacy in the middle of a dense single-dwelling neighbourhood? FARM Architects carves out a compelling solution with Void House.

Latest antoniolupi News

Habitus Gift Guides – The Sights of Christmas

We’re making our way through the senses in a curated selection of gift ideas for the design lovers in your life. Now to the colourful and bold – the sights of the festive season.

Antoniolupi’s Cristalmood Palette Brings Tuscan Flavours To Australia

Inspired by the enchanting mountains, pastures and layered emotions of Tuscany, antoniolupi offers four new Cristalmood colourways: Mostato, Barrique, Vespero and Notturno — their rich, deep quality elevates and transforms all interior spaces.

Bringing Your Bathroom a Soft Exuberance

In response to the ‘soft mood’ trend, antoniolupi innovates with Colormood — a contemporary material that delivers a multi-sensory experience in both colour and texture.

New Year, New Home: Design Products to Renew and Refresh in 2021

With a new year in the mix and feeling of renewal in the air, we look at ways to rejuvenate the home for the year ahead.

The Distinct Charm That Comes With a Marble Sink

A marble sink is the ultimate design statement for a modern bathroom. Stylish, beautiful and oozing with designer appeal, antoniolupi has a collection sure to impress.

Hidden Gems

The Borghi basin designed by Gumdesign for antoniolupi is inspired by the stunning scenery, colours and forms of a rural Tuscan landscape.

These Stylish Bathroom Vanities Are The Latest Trend In Italy

Inspired by one of fashion’s most timeless hallmarks of class, these stylish bathroom vanities and basins from antoniolupi herald a fashionable new direction for bathroom design.

The Undeniable Appeal Of A Freestanding Bathtub

The elegance and charm of a freestanding bathtub can totally complete the look of a bathroom; adding a unique touch of style and eye-catching opulence.

The Unique Spiral Of The Vortice Sink

From antoniolupi and designer Paolo Ulian, Vortice is a striking and bold freestanding stink made of beautiful Carrara marble.

Taccia table lamp from Euroluce

Habitus Loves… Illusive Reflections

From perspective-shifting mirrors, to surfaces with sheen; from translucent tables to iridescent objets d’art, these reflective surfaces will delight and illude you.

Showcasing The Ground-Breaking Colours Of Cristalmood

A new generation of coloured resin has arrived from Antoniolupi. Meet Cristalmood, named for its transparency and sheen, this is a new step in the world of resins, resistance and versatility.

antoniolupi_ Flumood_Mastello | Habitus Living

Flumood: A State-Of-The-Art Material From antoniolupi

As a combination of aluminium hydroxide and synthetic resin, Flumood developed by Antonio Lupi is the ideal material for the bathroom.