The CAMERICH mission is to produce impeccable quality products with genuine devotion. With an impressive global network that spans over 60 countries and regions, CAMERICH is recognised for providing the premium furnishings at attainable price points.

Our meticulous attention to detail at every stage of a product's development, from the initial design to the last finishes in production, guarantees that each piece of CAMERICH furniture is of the highest standard and functionality. We don’t design for the sake of designing, we design to create real products for real people.

CAMERICH Australia opened its doors in 2007 led by an industry professional with more than 25 years’ experience in furniture manufacturing. Our team is dedicated to providing bespoke consultations and tailoring our services to suit each customer’s needs. Our aim is to make the aspirational obtainable. The CAMERICH Australia team looks forward to welcoming you at our showrooms across the country.

Showroom Locations

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Latest Camerich News

RedHill House by Redgen Mathieson

Graphic Simplicity And Architectural Singularity In Canberra’s Red Hill Precinct

A pavilion-esque residence resonates with the distinguished presence of diplomatic residences in a Garden City milieu.

Habitus Loves... Winter Kingfisher Agra Rug Armadillo & Co

Habitus Loves…Winter

To combat the chill winds and frosty temps, we’ve come up with a Habitus Loves list that is sure to warm up your interiors.

Habitus Loves Minimalist Designs | Habitus Living

Habitus Loves… Minimalist Designs

Embracing minimalism does not mean that concepts have to be any less creative. In fact, this minimalist Habitus Loves list encourages purposeful designs.

Habitus Loves… A Study Nook

Whether working from home or wanting to do some occasional studying, this Habitus Loves list can help you stay organised and avoid distractions.

A Man Cave Spence & Lyda

Habitus Loves… A Man Cave

Moody and dramatic, these pieces from designers local and across the globe allude to the cool comforts of retreating to a typified ‘man cave’… whisky in hand.

Stark House Park+Associates CC Edward Hendricks pool and basement area

A Play Of Terrain And Domain By Park + Associates

Nestled within nature, Stark House by Park + Associates is a harmonious balance between the lush surrounds and vibrant interior architecture.