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With over 78 years of experience, Caroma believes quality bathrooms are a balance of form, function and looks. The designs and innovation bring to life a guiding vision of creating sustainable luxury.
Designing for Australians and New Zealanders, from commercial to domestic use, with different tastes and needs; there is a wide range of classic to artisanal styles, smart designs and sustainable innovations providing everything you need to create the dream sanctuary

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Latest News

This Month At Caroma: Live Streaming Events

Caroma on Collins is much more than the Sydney flagship showroom for the iconic Australian bathroom brand. It’s also a place for the local architecture and design community to gather, learn and grow.

An Enduring House For Endurance Athletes

This house, designed by Downie North, provides a relaxing, durable space for a family’s active lifestyle.

Brad Swartz Architects’ Site Sensitivity Conquers Darkness

The eternal quest for natural light in an inner-city terrace finds a unique design solution in Sydney at the hands of Brad Swartz Architects.

A Beach House For All Seasons

This beachside house takes an awkward site and turns it to its advantage to create a comfortably stylish getaway in summer and winter.

Bathroom Design In The Age Of Instagram

If a bathroom is designed and no one Instagram’s it… does it exist at all? The hyper-designed bathrooms of Instagram are inspiring existential crisis in the world of bathroom design.

Design For The Next Generation

Planet earth is a delicate place. In the last year alone, we’ve seen a rapid rise in sea levels; extreme ice loss from rising temperatures; catastrophic weather patterns; and CO2 emissions in the atmosphere breaking records.

A Family Affair: A Collection Close To Home

Across Australia, the design industry has seen brilliant minds push the limits and look beyond the boundaries to create products and experiences for the spaces of tomorrow.

What Defines Australian Bathroom Design?

Australian bathroom design has evolved over the years, taking cues from Europe, but largely being informed by a context that is unmistakeably Australian.

The Emergent Voices Who Are Changing The Pace In Australian Design

Design is a beautiful thing: it has the power to bring creative minds together to create game-changing designs that challenge how we perceive the world, reimagine our everyday spaces and foster the growth of humankind.

Spotlight On: Caroma Elvire Collection Bathroomware

In its 75 years in the business of bathroom design, iconic Australian bathroomware brand Caroma has seen plenty of change. At least one thing however, has remained a constant.

Behind The Scenes: Designing Innovation With Luke Di Michiel

The past century has seen monumental feats in the world of design. During this period, the complexity of our landscape has seen ground-breaking innovations that have redefined the way we see, use, and experience our everyday spaces.

From Outhouse To Inner Sanctuary: The Changing Nature Of Bathroom Design

The humble bathroom has transformed from outhouse status to become a valued extension of our living spaces – a safe haven of luxury and refined self-expression.

Shifted House by SSD Studio | semi-detached house | art deco beach house renovation | minimalist, beachy interior

Shifting The Focus: A Sophisticated Semi-Detached House In Bondi

Shifted House by SSD Studio in Sydney’s Bondi Beach is a post-war, semi-detached house turned holiday home that exudes calm while respecting its original character and location.

Habitus Loves… A Personal Sanctuary

Slow down; light a candle; run a bath; settle in to read a good book. Create a space of personal sanctuary and find yourself a moment of tranquility.

A Retrospective: Caroma and The Evolution of the Bathroom Space

Amongst the evolution of changing lifestyles and approaches to design, Caroma is at the forefront of reimagining the modern-day bathroom into an artful residential retreat.

The Caroma Effect: Smart, Sustainable, Beautiful Bathrooms

Beyond the seeming simplicity of beautiful bathroom design is an engineering pedigree and forward-thinking focus – that is, if Caroma has anything to do with it.

Ovolo The Valley by Woods Bagot

Woods Bagot’s Whimsical Rendition Of An Ovolo Hotel

Iconic late artist David Bowie once said: “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” Bowie may have enjoyed a trip to Ovolo The Valley.

The Long-Awaited Launch Of The Elvire Collection From Caroma

Last night Caroma officially launched the Elvire Collection designed by Luke Di Michiel to a room full of prominent architects, designers and end users. Habitus was proud to be there in support.

Caroma Elvire Collection | Habitus

For Appreciators Of The Artisan

For Luke Di Michiel, Caroma’s lead industrial designer on the Elvire Collection, the challenge was to keep the designs as simple as possible, and not to overdesign the products.

Caroma Is Hosting A Property Masterclass For Women To Get Ahead

Australia’s property market is on the lips of many in the current political climate and two common points of contention are housing affordability and aging in place. Caroma has gathered professionals for an industry powwow open to the public.