Established in 2007 by designers Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson, our mission is to create a global Australian design brand that represents the best of Australian design. Our goal is simple: Produce great work and inspire our customers with accessible, world-class design.

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Latest DesignByThem News

Curated With Love: Great Design Pieces To Celebrate Her

Here at Habitusliving, we are grateful to be in the presence of remarkable design pieces on an everyday basis.

Habitus House of the Year Design Hunter Package

Discover the winner of the 2020 Habitus House of the Year Design Hunter Package

Feel Right At Home With The Sundae Collection

As the boundaries between the workplace and home have completely dissolved, the need to reimagine the way we experience and interact within our everyday spaces has arisen.

DL Collection DesignByThem Dion Lee

The Fashion-Meets-Furniture DL Collection

The DL Collection is an exercise in innovative design practices. Collaborators Dion Lee and DesignByThem explore the crossover between furniture and fashion.

From A Dysfunctional Townhouse To A Well-Ordered Home That Sparks Joy

Designed by Downie North, Kondo Condo – named for tidying-up guru Marie Kondo – radiates the sense of calm and beauty that comes from a well-organised space.

Habitus Loves Bauhaus Inspired Pieces

Habitus Loves… Bauhaus-Inspired Pieces

Habitus Living celebrates the Bauhaus’ centenary with 10 pieces inspired by the influential 20th century design school.

Habitus Loves… A Statement Armchair

Form and function meet fashion; these armchairs are super comfortable and will steal the spotlight as the perfect conversation piece.

Pana Barbounis And His Passion For Chocolate-Based Entrepreneurship

Life imitates art in Melbourne, guess which film inspired the sequence of events that led to the creations of Pana Barbounis wildly successful chocolate business.

DesignByThem Confetti Range GibsonKarlo cc Pete Daly bench planter

DesignByThem’s Latest Collection Offers A Fresh Take On Sustainable Design

The Australian design studio is putting recycled plastics front and centre in their playful new Confetti Collection.

10 Design Commandments For Apartment Furniture Design

What makes a great apartment? Furniture, we’d argue, plays a big part. Here the leaders in interior, product and industrial design share their canons for apartment furniture design.

Adam Goodrum Volley Rocker Rocking Chair for Tait Australian furniture design

Australian Furniture Design: Who’s Killing It According To Habitus

Australian furniture design have never been more in demand. The world-over, this industry is clambering for the region’s best design thinkers and the imaginative, innovative products they create. Here, we celebrate five of Australia’s top industrial design talents.

Celebrating 10 Years Of Style With DesignByThem

The Story of DesignByThem started 10 years ago with two budding Industrial Design graduates with a vision of celebrating the greatness of Australian Design, and now we celebrate them.

A Modern Gaze Upon An Age-Old Concept

DesignByThem embraces historic design to give eternal charm to their contemporary Cabin range.

Creating MINI Design Hunters

Habitus recently partnered with I-Manifest and MINI to create a Micro-School of design in which high school-aged students would consider how architecture and design can bring awareness to future living habits.

The Habitus Hottest 100 – The Final Call!

The third and final installation of the Habitus Hottest 100 moments of design in 2016 is here. Did all your favourite pieces make the cut?

Design Hunter™ Q+A with Sarah Gibson

The other half of the duo behind Australian design studio DesignByThem, Sarah Gibson matches design classics with modern technology and a sprinkling of indulgent gastronomy.

Design Hunter™ Q+A with Nicholas Karlovasitis

One half of the duo behind Australian design studio DesignByThem, Nicholas Karlovasitis shares a mix of modern, classic and witty design favourites with Habitusliving.