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EcoSmart Fire

EcoSmart Fire

EcoSmart Fire is the creator of the safest, eco-friendly, bioethanol fuelled fireplaces. We provide a green alternative to the fireplace industry through our line of ventless products that can be used in traditional fireplaces, as well as unique designs created by the world’s finest designers and architects.

EcoSmart Fire is present in all major continents of the globe, catering its products to the design industry along with end users who want to renovate or bring their ideas into existence.

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Latest EcoSmart Fire News

Design by District: The Alex at Sydney Indesign 2017

Surrounded by this city’s most intense industrial developments, and engirt by juggernaut local and international design brands, The Alex was a small oasis of innovation and cutting-edge design thinking.

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The Hearth is the Heart of the Home

EcoSmart Fire’s fireplaces are groundbreaking, environmentally-friendly alternatives to the fireplace of yore – with a sleek aesthetic that gives you all the charm of the old-fashioned fireplace combined with modern practicality.

Redefining Outdoor Living

EcoSmart Fire has unveiled a range of new indoor and outdoor fireplaces to offer year round ambience and warmth.