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Espo Lighting

Espo Lighting

Espo provide lighting solutions to the designers who are responsible for the ideas; to the architects, the builders, and the engineers who make the ideas reality; and to the public who inhabit those realities. We are ambitious and honest when it comes to servicing our clients, and our collection of brands provides for a wide variety of project scale and scope.

At our core Espo will always be about enduring quality and emotionally engaging brands. Inarchi, Manooi, and exclusive to our Australian-based clients, Italian icon, Modo. Espo deal in the new, in the established, the well-known gems and the oddities.

We provide honest and personal service, helping match products to your lifestyle. Espo has a deep understanding of the brands we carry and the cultural influence they wield, and we employ that insight to provide you with lighting solutions which suit your specific needs.

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