Furniture has to suit the people who use it. Its role should be to simplify daily life and add greater convenience, not only in the office but within our own homes. In presenting its new product features, Häfele has moved increasingly towards an emotive emphasis which places its products firmly within the wider context of interior design, sending out the Häfele message of improved comfort and convenience through optimum functionality far beyond the confines of its specialist clientele to the wider public arena. With this strategy, the world’s leading company group in the field of furniture accessories, fittings and locking technology is targeting end users, seeking to raise expectation and engender demand for ever more intelligent functionality in room fittings and furniture.

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The exterior of Spinal House by Palinda Kannangara featured in A Sri Lankan House With Transplanted Roots on habitusliving.com cc Sebastian Posingis

A Sri Lankan House With Transplanted Roots

Sri Lankan architect Palinda Kannangara balances nature and culture in this breezy three-generation family home in Colombo.

Traditional Cambodian Culture Informs The Design Of The Modern Luxury Hotel

What is the new Cambodian architecture? Studiogoto’s design for Alila Villas Koh Russey inevitably brings up this discourse in its referencing of cultural elements within a contemporary foil.

Twin Townhouses DKO Slab Architecture cc Tom Blachford recordy player

Twin Townhouses In Melbourne Reveal A Hamburger-Like Plan

The Linardi Townhouse in Collingwood, Melbourne, shows what can be achieved on the smallest of sites. Built vertically over six levels, these twin townhouses are beautifully crafted by designers and owners Jesse and Seada Linardi.

Malaysia, C House by DCA cc Creative Clicks | Habitus Living House of the Year 2019

C House

As though on a magic carpet, this boxy house has successfully soared to great heights, creating unexpected amenity for an extended family.