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Mother of Pearl & Sons

Mother of Pearl & Sons

At Mother of Pear & Sons our world of hardware is rich with diversity. It is the detail that punctuates a design theme. Accentuate a minimalist approach with muted metal tones that blend. Organic finishes that match organic materials – wood flooring, polished concrete, stone etc.

Decorative and glamorous door furniture that emphasise sumptuousness. Bauhaus, Deco, Classic English and French – our showrooms showcase well-defined examples, rather than the misinterpretations that are ubiquitous in the wider market.

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Latest Mother of Pearl & Sons News

Fiercely Modern: The Revival of Art Deco

For lovers of the Art deco design movement, P. Bisschop has brought the finishing touch to Australian shores.

Getting a Handle on Australian Bauhaus

With a mutual love for classical design, and Bauhaus, Art Déco, and Art Nouveau aesthetics, it’s only natural that Australia has become the latest point of expansion for German architectural hardware company, P. Bisschop.

Bronze Architectural Hardware from Mother of Pearl & Sons

Sun Valley bronze open doors on a whole new world of design in Australia.

Fersa Door Furniture from Mother of Pearl & Sons

Exquisite period hardware from Gothic to Art Deco, Italian Renaissance to Bauhaus

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl & Sons Trading supplies beautiful and unusual door furniture with textural detail.