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Qasair Rangehoods are Australia’s finest rangehoods, designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.

Being an Australian company, Condari understands the uniquely multicultural methods of cooking Australians use in their kitchens.

Australians are known to be among the most experimental and innovative home cooks in the world. They are eager to try the latest exotic ingredients and flavours and are using increasingly powerful and more varied cooking equipment and stove tops in their kitchens.

Qasair Rangehoods are powerful ventilation systems that allow home cooks to use modern cooking equipment such as high-powered stoves, indoor barbecues and wok burners to cook aromatic dishes such as fish or spicy Asian curries without fear of lingering odours and grease in the residence a day later.


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The Cobar Rangehood (WCV) is a newly released, high power model from Qasair Rangehoods.

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Designed by Condari, the Sapphire rangehoods use chemical etching on a surface of stainless steel, rendering the steel coloured and textured to stunning effect.