VELA - the latin word for sail - is an Australian lifestyle brand that celebrates world class design and superlative craftsmanship.

From its inception, VELA has delivered a simple, but rigorous mission: to offer highly-curated, exceptionally made products that enhance our everyday lives. As such, the brand’s products have been developed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading craftspeople and artisans, who elevate the prosaic into the poetic.

Aesthetically speaking, VELA product’s are characterized by a streamlined, antipodean sensibility that is also highly international in its purview. Besides visual considerations, a VELA product must offer durability and timelessness; we believe a handcrafted object is one to be loved and enjoyed over a lifetime, even generations. VELA is staunchly anti-disposable. From the beginning, we’ve sought to showcase products that are ethically manufactured using materials that are ecologically sustainable. Given our respect for age-old traditions, we insist on honour and dignity during each step on the life cycle of an item.

These core values reflect the personal vision of the company’s founder Troy Tindill, a yachtsman who has spent his career sailing in prestigious races including the America’s Cup and the Sydney to Hobart. Growing up in New Zealand making first rate sails and yachts, Tindill became infatuated with independent craftsmanship, enduring quality and state of the art design. Just as a sailboat symbolises a voyage, each VELA product is imbued with inspiration, wonder and a sense of discovery.

Latest VELA News

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