Viabizzuno is a company that for more than twenty three years has been making design its own reason for living; to design is a way of being, thinking and acting dedicated at 360 degrees to every action and thought in life. to design is the building of ourselves, to design is to go strongly toward the improvement. to Viabizzuno, to design should not be intended as a simple professional activity, but a way to establish a relationship with life and the others. to design means to build something that lasts and keeps on living beyond temporary fashion. the project is a promise, a suggestion of quality and value, it is the way to fix the disorder of the world.

Viabizzuno designs light: light fittings, objects, lamps, lighting projects; but it also designs books, furnishing, apparel and graphic, editorial, culinary, photographic projects…it designs life around light starting from the observation.
the observation above all. to observe is to understand, taking knowledge and experience one has to store and make possession of: in Viabizzuno there’s a continuous growth process, made of intuitions and linked deductions.
listening is an important element in designer’s life. it is the humility of designers when they get in relationship with things, places, people. it is necessary to learn collecting what space gives us: sounds, colours, traces, images, words, needs. without listening, you miss the goal. and at Viabizzuno the goal is designing yourself.

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Latest Viabizzuno News

This Composed Apartment Is The Debut Project Of TE-EL

Designer, founder and principal of TE-EL Ethan Lim makes an apartment a retreat from the helter-skelter of Singaporean life.

The steel and glass extension to Powell Street House by architect Robert Simeoni comprises the kitchen and dining area, has been finely stitched onto what was previously a 1930s duplex.

A Crafti House In Melbourne By Robert Simeoni

After nearly 30 years, writing on architecture is second nature. But when the subject is your own home, being objective takes on a different meaning.

Haxstead Garden House Tobias Partners NSW exterior

Haxstead Garden House Is Pared Down To The Essentials

Haxstead Garden House on the south coast of New South Wales, designed by Tobias Partners, is a fine architectural example of less being considerably more.

Kutti Beach House Matthew Woodward CC Murray Fredericks dining

Matthew Woodward Architecture Connects Nature And Architecture

Can a 439 square-metre-house in Vaucluse really balance geometry and geography without compromising? Crescent House by Matthew Woodward proves it can.

A Humble Stable Transformed Into An Elegant Family Home

A medley of exterior and interior amendments have resulted in a refined family home that harks back to its equestrian past.