Just Add Water

Stephen Todd on the glamorous megalomania of clients who wish to reproduce the spa experience at home.

Let’s Talk About The Design Identities Of Australia

On Friday 11th August from 12-1pm at the Cafe Culture + Insitu pop-up in the Tongue N Groove showroom, we’re excited to come together and talk about elements of Australian design, bringing them together and respecting the culture of our compatriots.

Medora Danz Makes For A Very Special Guest At Sydney Indesign

“Thanks to [social media] architecture, interior design, fashion and art can be shared in seconds, making design accessible and pervasive to all,” says the Senior Vice President of Blu Dot, on Australian shores to meet you at Sydney Indesign, 11-12 August.

Who’s Responsible For The Size Of Our Cities?

Ahead of the Sydney Indesign Design Hunter Seminar Series, next Friday 11 August, Habitus Deputy Editor and seminar moderator Holly Cunneen discusses why Size And The City: Our Developers Have Some Explaining To Do was an important topic to cover.

Travelling Far and Wide for Sydney Indesign 2017

Indesign The Event is on again this August 11-12 and this year, Sydney is playing host. But the attendees aren’t the only ones travelling en masse to take part – here are some of the regional guests we’re excited to see.

Neil Perry: The Fire Brand

At the helm of an empire that continues to take Australia by storm, Neil Perry spoke to Stephen Todd in the second iteration of In Habitus Veritas.

In Conversation With… Naomi Milgrom

Naomi, how was the experience of being Commissioner of this year’s Australian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale? Incredible. I just loved working with Tracey Moffatt. It took almost eighteen months to put the show together and it was such a privilege to not only work with her but to become her friend. We’ve had so […]

Polishing The Next Generation Of Architectural Gems

Architect Glenn Murcutt’s designs have reverberated a distinctly Australian architectural vernacular throughout universities, coffee books and studios the world over. Arguably – but convincingly – the country’s most internationally acclaimed architectural export; Glenn continues to forge the way for local architects while simultaneously helping to define the elusive Australian design aesthetic. For the past 40-odd […]

The New Open Plan

Are the days of open plan living over? While a complete backlash may be a way off, designers are refreshing traditional ideas of spaciousness to accommodate today’s lifestyle changes.

What Makes An Influencer So Influential?

Despite a bit of distance, our design region is pretty bloody awesome. Unlike our European counterparts, we are unburdened by hundreds of years of strict design tradition and are therefore able to forge our own original path. This of course means that we can be exceptionally responsive to the challenges of the workplace, social initiatives, […]