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Introducing Our New Series, Dialling In With…

Habitus introduces a new series, Dialling In with…, that champions the sharing of insights and methods in resilience reminding the industry we can learn from each other.

Hello from our new HQ – my house. And Raj’s house, and Vicki’s and each member of the team’s house. We’re all working from home, as we imagine you are. There are a few of you we know to be working from home, because we’ve spoken at length to members of the industry across Australia.

Which brings me to my cause to address you in this way; it’s to introduce our new series, Dialling In with…

Kate Fitzgerald of Whispering Smith, Paul Owen of Owen Architecture, Miriam Fanning of Mim Design, Rebekah Clayton and Michelle Orszaczky of Clayton Orsaczky – among others – have leant us their time and insights.

We know a lot of our industry’s working conditions have changed, but we also knew a lot may not have, as many of you work from home or remotely as standard practice. But likely not with partners, children or housemates in the mix!

Things have changed for everyone, but in different ways and at different scales. It’s our hope that this series, Dialling In with… will share insights into different circumstances and different methods of adaption ensuring the industry continues to move forward and comes out the other end of ‘this’. Moreover, we’re interested to hear how the industry is making themselves malleable for further changes, or changes back.

We’ve spent a good while teasing out how, if at all, we felt it was right to address and respond to the current climate. On the one hand, it’s impossible, impractical and disrespectful to ignore. We know everyone is facing challenges right now because we are too. We see this, we acknowledge it, and we’re absolutely doing everything in our power to support our team and our industry where we can.

On the other hand, we’re trying to retain a sense of normalcy for sanity’s sake. Ultimately, as news and politics pervade every corner of our headspace it’s our wish to offer a breather from that, respite, maybe an escape or even an antidote.

This is largely based on our own feelings; so if we’ve got it wrong, let us know. If you have ideas or requests, send them through. For more than a decade Habitus has implored itself to serve, support and champion the architecture and design industry. We are here for you, so let us know what you need right now.

In the meantime, enjoy our first installment in the series, with Kate Fitzgerald of Whispering Smith.

Holly Cunneen, Editor

Cover image: Concrete House by Andres Casillas de Alba and Evolva Architects. Photography by Christine Frances