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Design Hunter Q+A: Emilio Fuscaldo

Architect Emilio Fuscaldo is big a fan of open shelving in the kitchen. For him, it’s a way to show off wares which are so much a part of our personality.


Name: Emilio Fuscaldo

Where you are from/live: Nest Architects

What you do: Architect

Your latest project: Harold St and the Ormond College Masters office

Harold St

Where do you find inspiration? My colleagues (other architects) who are always pushing the boundaries of design and interior decoration. My friends who all have great taste in design and decoration. Nu,merous magazines and blogs always help to give a few new ideas.

Which room do you spend more time in, kitchen or bathroom? Kitchen definitely. It’s the heart of our home and the place where my family and me gathers. With 2 very little kids we find ourselves perched around the kitchen island bench either watching them play or trying to find a place not consumed with wooden train sets.

“Your pots, pans, glasses and vases are a reflection of your personality.”

What would your dream kitchen look like?
I hate to say it but I love the kitchen we have designed for our home. It’s really just a few different pieces of furniture; a workbench with a sink, a cobblers rack for storage and a locker for a pantry. I really love open shelving so that you can show off your wares as they are so much a part of your personality.

What do you think every kitchen should not be without? Open shelving. We shouldn’t hide our lives behind cupboard doors. Your pots, pans, glasses and vases are a reflection of your personality and they should be allowed to add to the character of the house as a whole.


Harold St

What does the kitchen represent for you? A place where everyone is invited to participate in the goings on of daily life. Food should be fun and the preparation of meals should be a really enjoyable part of daily life. It’s not always that way, but it should be something we aspire to.

Describe your dream bathroom? Dark, like a nightclub.

What does this room mean to you? It’s a highly personal room where you spend time reflecting on your body. The room should be a place where you feel safe but at the same time be detailed in such a way that you feel glamorous. Hence the nightclub analogy.


Harold St

What is your favourite…

Kitchen appliance: Kenwood mix master
Recipe book: Stephanie Alexander’s Cook’s Companion.
Meal to cook: homemade pizza or fish and chips.
Place to eat out: with 2 kids this is somewhat impossible, but if I had a chance I would grab fish and chips from the Queenscliff take away and eat them on the beach.
Drink: Rusty nails
Bar: Myers place in Melbourne.

Cleaning product: Howards orange oil
Skin/hair care range: Whatever is on the shelf
Functional bathroom product: Toothbrush holder shaped as a gold tooth.
Decorative bathroom product: Our fern which seems to always come back to life.

What does the term ‘Design Hunter’ mean to you? The ability to seek out inspiring places and people who/which are set apart from the standard design foils.


Nest Architects

Look out for a full feature on Harold Street soon…