Design Hunter Q+A: Peter and Åsa of Phoebe Lamps

Design Hunter Q+A: Peter and Åsa of Phoebe Lamps

Their favourite functional product is the tooth brush. They make lamps. Here we speak to Peter Harding & Åsa Jonasson of the wonderful Phoebe Lamps.

Name: Peter Harding & Åsa Jonasson

Where you are from/live:

PH: Adelaide, Australia
ÅJ: Rossö, Sweden. Our practice is currently based in Adelaide.

What you do: We run a lighting company called Phoebe Lamps and a design studio called Where North Meets South.

When did you first know you wanted to be a Designer.

PH. When I visited the Robie House by Frank Lloyd Wright at the age of 9.
ÅJ: In Sweden we have the term “form giver” used prior to the adopted word designer. I have since childhood been making and giving form to things, so I guess I have always known.

Your latest project:

We’re currently curating a new range of prints for our Phoebe Lamp range. We’re collaborating with artists and designers and it’s a whole new direction for the brand so it’s a really exciting.

Where you find inspiration:

AJ: Nature
PH: When I need something and it doesn’t exist.

Three people that inspire/excite you:
1) Maija Isola/ Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi (Original Designers for Marimekko)
2) Jan Gehl (Architect)
3) Eachother


Phoebe Lamps

What is your favourite…

Car/bike/plane/boat model: Kosterfjord46 (The Original by the Jonasson Brothers)
Chair model: The Wishbone Chair (Hans Wegner)
Residential space: D-House (Donovan Hill)
Commercial space: Savoy Tavern Public Bar (Ha) http://h-a.com.au/contactcontactproject/savoy-tavern-public-bar

Decorative product: Phoebe Lamp of course
Functional product: Tooth Brush!
Handmade good: Aalto Vase (Savoy Vase)
Mass-produced good: Birkenstocks

Item in your studio: Our Håg Capisco chairs.
Time of day to work/play: Mornings / Saturday Morning

Meal: ÅJ:Swedish seafood PH:Vongole
Restaurant: The Oyster Bar, Grand Central Station NYC.
Drink: Tea
Bar: The Street

Piece of technology: ÅJ: My Samsung Phone, PH: Spotify
Historical figure: Gandhi
Fictional character: ÅJ: Little My (from the Moomins), PH: Don’t do fiction

Vice: Liquorice, chocolate covered Australian style or salty Swedish style.
Virtue: Compassion

What does the term ‘Design Hunter’ mean to you?
Following your passion.


Phoebe Lamps