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Design Hunter® Q+A: Ross Didier

Melbourne’s Ross Didier has recently launched a new range of furniture, the Congo Collection. The range continues Ross’ success story since launching his studio in 2000, which led to more than 25 successful range launches in both local and international markets.


Ross Didier

Where you are from:


What you do:

Think, create and make

When did you first know you wanted to be creative:

I was brought up in the outer suburbs and loved making things other kids were buying like skateboards, custom bicycles and Green machine rivals. I always liked adding unique tweaks to these creations and sometimes even sold them.

Your latest project:

Congo collection


Please tell a bit about this, what were the highs and what were the challenges, how did you overcome these?

Congo was designed for urban safari with smart, tailored character. The intention was simple charm but it was always intended to blend in.
The three pieces in this collection strongly reference the past, present and future but it is difficult to strip back a design to raw personality which deserves respect. It is much easier to experiment with new shapes and bright colours, but not so easy to refine ideas and inspire colour palettes that match the original concept.

Congo-table_083 Congo-stools_105

Where you find inspiration:

Walking and travel

Three people that inspire/excite you:

Paul Smith, Temple Grandin and George Carlin (R.I.P.)


What is your favourite…

Car/bike/plane/boat model: Alfa Montreal 1970

Chair model: Ardea lounge chair, by Carlo Molino

Residential space: Yakisugi House, by Terunobu Fujimori

Commercial space: Guggenheim, New York

Decorative product: Lalique glass

Functional product: bicycle

Handmade good: shoes

Mass-produced good: Ray Bans

Item in your studio: band saw

Time of day to work/play: early morning walk / 9am work / 6pm play

Meal: tagliatelle al ragu

Restaurant: Nomad, Surry Hills, Sydney

Drink: lime soda

Bar: Napier Hotel, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Piece of technology: calculator

Historical figure: Leonardo Da Vinci

Fictional character: Hawkeye Pierce

Vice: road trips

Virtue: dignity


What does the term ‘Design Hunter®’ mean to you?

Individual inspiration

Who are two people you’d call Design Hunters®?

Shannon Bennett and Patricia Urquiola


Ross Didier

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