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Design Hunter Q+A with Danielle Nichols

Founder and Director of Form.Function.Style, Danielle Nichols has built her profession around hunting for good designs. In her Q+A we learn which of these have captured her heart.

Your name: Danielle Nichols

What you do: Own and manage Form.Function.Style which involves eCommerce, trade and PR. We essentially support, promote and sell quality home wares and furniture worldwide.

Your latest project: Establishing our naturally occurring PR wing of the business. We’re always working with exciting and interesting people. We’ve established a well respected platform and have an amazing network of creatives – with different skill sets – to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

Who are three people that inspire/excite you: 

1) my 8 year old son…he has a mind that freaks me out for ALL the right reasons…he teaches me so much.
2) Piero Gesualdi of WorldWeave. With a background (40 odd years..he won’t mind me saying!) in Architecture, Fashion and Design. He’s taught me so much… always in the most entertaining and uncensored manner.
3) Sofia Coppola – So talented with, such great style. What is your favourite…

Car/bike/plane/boat model: I’ve always had a thing for Alfa Romeo’s ever since I was little. The shapes have always captured my attention.

Chair model: Big fan of the DC09 Chair. A beautifully proportioned chair with a perfect blend of Japanese and Danish influences.

Residential space: The image shot for Dwell Magazine (U.S) by Jessica Antola – featured as our signature image on formfunctionstyle.com.au – captured one of my favourite spaces. An apartment in Paris belonging to the Dimanches, which featured a garden wall by Patrick Blanc. This image has never left my mind and inspires me daily.

Commercial space: Aesop Stores. They cover all the senses – to the highest of standards…consistently.

Decorative product: Megan Park Cushions. My favourite is my circa 2010 design.

Functional product: My linen Jardan Leila Sofa… a perfect resting place at the end of the day.

Handmade good: The TIDE Tuki Desk… it’s a masterpiece of craftsmanship!

Mass-produced good: My Aldi Coffee Machine…it makes a pretty decent espresso!

meal: Tapas style of eating – small portions – lots of different flavours to share.

restaurant: Cumulus Inc or The European – both very Melbourne.

drink: I’m a bit of a seasonal cliché…i love a glass or more of Champagne in the warmer months and a nice Barossa red in the winter.

bar: Naked in the Sky Fitzroy…it has an incredible urban view, or Cumulus Up.

item in your studio: The gorgeous ‘Havana’ Tempes de Reves scarf i have hanging above my desk. I see something new buried in the image every time. Closest i’ve got to a holiday in a while…

piece of technology: Predictable and entirely boring…but it has to be my iPhone. It’s allowed me the freedom to multi-task on the go.

fictional character: Juliette Binoche’s character in Chocolat – Vianne. A cool example of a woman living life on her terms, strong and still sensitive to what matters.

vice: I’m told I’m stubborn… I like to call it determination!

virtue: Kindness. One of my favourite sayings is ‘don’t mistake my kindness for weakness’. Kindness doesn’t counteract strength or intelligence.

What does the term ‘Design Hunter’ mean to you? It means actively seeking out, supporting and celebrating clever, fresh ideas.