Design Hunter™ Q+A with Rebecca Snelling

Design Hunter™ Q+A with Rebecca Snelling

This week we hear from the daughter half of Auckland-based father-daughter duo Douglas and Bec.

Your name: Rebecca Snelling 

What you do: Designer of Made By Douglas and Bec and owner of our store Douglas and Bec.

Your latest project: We are working on a restaurant in San Francisco for the America’s cup.

Who are three people that inspire/excite you:
1) Daphna Laurens 
2) Kristine Crabb 
3) My dad Douglas 

What is your favourite…

Car/bike/plane/boat model: ooh a Rolls Royce Wraith or a Land Rover Defender in gun metal 

Chair model: Hans J Wegner Peacock Chair

Residential space: Evie, Melbourne

Commercial space: Jasmax HQ Parnell, Auckland 

Decorative product: Doug Johntson Torse

Functional product: The Futagami Cresent bottle opener 

Handmade good: Dawn Nwad ceramics

Mass-produced good: I’m Boo Carafe by Muuto

Meal: Japanese 

Restaurant: Clooney, Auckland

Drink: Dry Stolichnaya Vodka Martini with Olives

Bar: The Elbow Room 

Item in your studio: By Best Made ruler and a sharp HB pencil 

Piece of technology: iPhone 

Historical figure: Michelangelo 

Fictional character: Oscar the grouch

Vice: Not good a disciplining or talking about money 

Virtue: generosity 

What does the term ‘Design Hunter™’ mean to you? The art of pursuing visually pleasing matter.