Design Hunter™ Q+A with John Tsiavis

Design Hunter™ Q+A with John Tsiavis

Working with a variety of styles, subjects and clients, photographer John Tsiavis has earned a reputation for clarity and sophistication.

Your name: John Tsiavis

What you do: Commercial photographer – John Tsiavis Photography

Your latest project: I recently returned home from shooting a reportage story of Philip Treacy’s London Fashion week show. It was such an amazing job, I ended up shooting Michael Jackson’s most iconic outfits back at Philip’s studio.

We’re now in preproduction for a heap of diverse & fun jobs. I’m shooting the key artwork for a feature film and a couple television shows and putting all the components together for big advertising job that includes a cast of thousands.

It’s an exciting time.

 Who are three people that inspire/excite you: 

     1) Leigh Bowery

     2) Pedro Almodovar

     3) Grace Jones

What is your favourite…

Car/bike/plane/boat model: I have my eye on the new Range Rover Evoke.  It’s a well designed car I can fit all my equipment and it looks badass!

Chair model: I much prefer a comfy couch

Residential space: I love my home.

Commercial space: I was at lighting designer Christopher Boots’ new studio/showroom to discuss an upcoming job. It’s in a huge, old warehouse in Fitzroy. Has amazing natural light and is filled with great people creating beautiful things surrounded by his lights hanging all over the place. I wanted to move in myself.

Decorative product: my collection of photography and art books, though it distresses me to call them decorative

Functional product: Wacom pen tablet, makes my life so much easier    

Handmade good: anything I mange to grow in my vegie patch

Mass-produced good: screw cap on wine bottles

mealnothing beats watermelon on a hot day

restaurant: HIX in London. We ate there the other week and had an unexpectedly fantastic meal. Who would have thought a roast chicken could taste that good?! mmm and fries cooked in duck fat. 

drinkRaki and water

barThe Roof Top bar in Melbourne

item in your studio: my speakers, I’d go mad without my music

piece of technologyiPhone that I attach to my speakers 

historical figure: Leigh Bowery

fictional character: George Costanza

vice: indulgence

virtue: restraint

What does the term ‘Design Hunter’™ mean to you? It’s what I hope my stylists do when we’re putting a job together. Search out every option and then rethink our approach to create something unexpectedly beautiful and unique. I’m considering printing it on a t-shirt for them!