Dialling In With Atelier Andy Carson

Andy Carson is a Sydney-based architect working from a shared office space in Bronte. He and his small team hadn’t been there long before they relocated once again, though this time, separately to each of their homes. Working amongst partners and young children – or children of any age – has been a challenge for us all. But for Andy, time spent in a shared and cross-disciplinary office meant he was somewhat already practiced in maintaining concentration in lively environments. As such he has been better positioned to enjoy and appreciate the extra time alongside loved ones.

His active projects are within the bounds of the NSW state border so site visits haven’t stopped, and lengthened construction hours have meant they’ve been able to space out the amount of tradespeople on site without causing delays. However Andy notes that once relationships are established the workflow flows and clients are generally happy to use the technologies to keep it up. The concern in Andy’s eyes is the impact to find and foster new working relationships if travel is restricted or there are apprehensions around meeting in person.

Today on Dialling IN With Habitus we speak to Andy about little changes with meaningful impacts, including the welcome realisation that without the likelihood of a meeting in the near future some clients seem to be more willing to pick up the phone for quick questions or small clarifications.

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