Dialling In With Carole Whiting

Carole Whiting has been running her self titled, multi-disciplinary design studio for 3.5 years. Before then, she had worked in a range of workplaces and within a variety of set ups. During her time working in film, television and advertising she travelled immensely and got very used to working on the go. Following this there was a period spent working out of a home office. Recent years have seen her work alongside her team of 4-5 in a cosy studio space in Melbourne.

Fast forward to now and, like most of us, suddenly they’re all working from home. With change comes challenges but also revelations says Carole and while the rhythm is different it’s not necessarily better or worse. Today, we welcome Carole Whiting on Dialling In With Habitus as she shares lessons in adaptability alongside colleagues, collaborators and clients.

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