Dialling In With Koichi Takada

Koichi Takada is a Sydney-based architect with built work all over the world. He has numerous globally recognized projects such as the interior design for One Central Park, East Village Urban Marketplace, the National Museum of Qatar in Doha, and Arc by Crown Group which received an honourable mention in the 2019 INDE.Awards.

As a recipient of so many national and international awards, it’s easy to assume his practice, Koichi Takada Architects, has been around far longer than it has. In fact, it was founded in 2008 and in this short time, just more than a decade, he has established himself as a world leader in architecture.

Today on Dialling In With Habitus we chat to Koichi about how his frequent international work has meant that the transition to work from home was surprising streamlined and how working remotely whether you’re travelling or in isolation allows a greater ability to focus on the tasks at hand. We also speak about greening cities by designing much greener architecture, what it means for us a society and what it looks like.

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