Impy Pilapil

In Habitus 18 we explore the home of Philippines-based architect Renato Vidal, avid collector of contemporary asian art. Among his collection are works by Philippines-born, internationally educated sculptor Impy Pilapil.

Philippino-born and educated until travelling to complete further studies at the Accademia Italiana in Rome followed by the Pratt Graphics Centre in New York, sculptor Impy Pilapil has developed an extensive oeuvre over a 35-year career and continues to be very active in the art world from her humble studio back in the Philippines. Along with her impressive sculptures and installation pieces Impy is an active member of the World Print Council at the International Sculpture Centre and spends a lot of her time hosting art workshops for underprivileged children. She also contributes to writing a column in the bi-monthly modern living and lifestyle magazine the ‘Philippine Star’.

Impy Pilapil’s work deals with themes of discovery and extends into her own personal philosophy of the world. It is this that feeds her practice and exists within and around her – it is also this sense of the universe that has strengthened her creative energy and allows her to embody her work and project a positive response to the viewers through her interactive and synergistic installations.

To see some of Pilapil’s works in architect Renato Vidal’s home, pic up a copy of Habitus issue 18, available December 12. 

Impy Pilapil