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Leonard Georgopoulos: The Art of Lounging

We chat to Managing Director, Leonard Georgopoulos about the future of lounging, and discover some interesting industry insights.


Name: Leonard Georgopoulos

Title: Managing Director

Company: Arthur G

Year established: 1979

What lounge do you have at home and what is the story behind it?

At home, I have our Aria Modular. It’s upholstered in Contemporary Adriatic Leather and has been designed and configured specifically for our living space.

Which two lounging/seating products from your range are most important and why?

It’s difficult to pinpoint just two products from our range as they are all equally as important. However, if I was to choose based on today’s trends, it would be the Conrad sofa and Jeremy chair. Designed in 2015, the Conrad sofa epitomises comfort, clean lines and good aesthetics. Whereas the Jeremy chair’s slim, sleek profile with supportive comfort ticks all the boxes.

Which lounging product from another brand/company do you admire and why?

There’s not one specific brand that I would signal out, however, I’ve always had an enormous amount of respect for the likes of Minotti and B&B Italia. They have always been leaders in most facets of contemporary lounging.

Where is lounging/seating going in the future? What directions in technology, manufacture, material and form have you identified?

Lounge seating will always be required whether it’s for the home or the commercial environment. It is up to us as designers to develop products that address the changing needs of not only consumers, but their environments. Our Ofset range with Alexander Loterstazin addresses one of the dilemmas faced with contemporary lounging; the modular range is entirely flexible and versatile, offering the owner unlimited possibilities and freedom of choice.

As for advancements, we’re witnessing developments in technology, particularly with foam products, which is changing the level of comfort as well as longevity that can now be achieved.

What are the benefits/purpose of lounging?

We all deserve some time-out and lounging gives rise to just that. We do spend a substantial amount of time lounging as an important part of relaxation when we’re home, and enjoying the comfort of a good well-made lounge can be very satisfying.

How have you seen lounging design change during your time in the industry?

Lounge design is forever changing. We’ve been designing and manufacturing in Melbourne for 35 years and while the industry is typically dictated by present trends, it’s our belief that maintaining classic and timeless lines is where it’s at.

Still to this day, we believe a lounge is a long term investment and, where possible, should be tailored not only to the space it occupies, but the lifestyle of the owner.

What is your favourite all-time lounge and why?

My favourite lounge in our range is arguably our most timeless design, the Bobcat sofa. After more than 15 years, this model is still in high demand, and is testament to our mantra of classic forms.

What is your favourite thing to do on your lounge?

Relax and unwind.

How much time do you spend lounging?

Not enough! I would say three to four hours per week if I’m lucky.

Arthur G