Design Hunter™ Q&A – Lou Weis

Lou Weis is a designer, film producer and creative director based in Melbourne. In his most recent project Broached Colonial he brought together leading Australian and British designers to create limited edition products inspired by Australia’s colonial period. This week on we asked Lou to share some of his creative inspiration

Your name: Lou Weis

What you do: Creative Director

Your latest project: Broached Colonial

What is your favourite…

travel destination Any ski field with abundant snow. This year will hopefully by Telluride.

Hotel/place to stay  Number 16, South Kensington London

Airline Singapore Air

Magazine New York Review of Books

Three people that inspire/excite you

1) Olafur Elliason

2) Michael Winterbottom

3) Iain McGilchrist

Design classic Grand Central Station, NYC

New design blazers by Japanese brand Undercover (

Meal I am the schnitzel king – sad but true…

Restaurant Golden Fields

Drink Japanese Green Tea

Bar The Supper club, Melbourne

Gallery/museum Tate Modern

Book  All that is Solid Melts into Air, Marshall Berman

Item in your studio tall Jielde floor light – bright green!

Artwork Study After Velazquez Portrait of Pope Innocent X, Francis Bacon

Artist James Turrell

Piece of technology knife and fork

Creative philosophy  Keep Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies close at hand