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What Does It Mean To Truly Nourish Oneself?

As Habitus #36 hits stands this week we invite you to explore alongside us how design has the ability to nourish us. And with a focus on the kitchen and bathroom, we look at these spaces as reflection of the inhabitants’ personality and lifestyle – seeking out the thought behind the process. Here are the first words from the Nourish issue.

Admittedly it must be different for everyone but surely there are some overarching, universally shared practices? In the kitchen we nourish our bodies with food and nutrition; in the bathroom by lifting design cues from resort-like spaces to rest and recharge; throughout the home we nourish our natural urge to create with an appreciation – or knack – for good design; and we nourish our families using architecture to forge a safe space in which we, as a unit, can seek respite.

These ideas, actions and tendencies don’t benefit from separation rather they suffer from it. This issue we’ve brought them together and are approaching this notion of ‘nourishment’ from a holistic standpoint.

From the rooftop of her inner-city apartment-cum-studio, artist Claudia Damichi creates the concepts for her artwalls: bold, colourful, geometric murals wrapping around external facades of an increasing number of Sydney buildings to nourish passers-by as much as inhabitants.

Kelvin Ho, architect and founder of AKIN Creative, divulges his kitchen non-negotiables and within his second line up for In Habitus Veritas, Stephen Todd muses on our tendency to over-design ­our life right up to the simplest of detail – the fruit and vegetable drawer.

I’d like to invite you to join us as we learn from others – industry professionals, food personalities, creatives, and Design Hunters like you and I – new ways to encourage nourishing design into our home.

Holly Cunneen | Deputy Editor