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National Policy for Design

Marc Newson is amongst several high profile Australian designers who’ve thrown their support behind the Australian Design Alliance, and called for National Policy for Design.

The Australian Design Alliance (AdA), is a not-for-profit advocacy group with members from many of Australia’s leading design firms. It is currently raising funding and support for a National Policy for Design, aiming to receive $15,000 through its Pozible website.

The Ada’s goal is to promote the use of of design to solve problems in Australia and the funds will help to the campaign activities to continue to Canberra and lobby politicians. It hopes introducing a National Policy for Design will boost productivity, sustainability and innovation through design, and believes government endorsement is crucial for the Australian design industry’s future prosperity. In particular it says a design policy  that is linked to Australia’s Innovation Agenda and cultural and urban policies would help to unify the nation’s design vision.

At the heart of the project is Lisa Cahill, Executive Director of The Ada. She is calling upon all types of designers from artists and landscape designers, to interior designers, urban planners and architects to unite for a better organised and funded approach to design policy in Australia.

As AdA member industrial designer Marc Newson comments, “Australians are unfettered by any deeply rooted design heritage, while at the same time possessing vast natural and historical riches this could foreseeably nurture the next generation of world class designers and help shape the future. It is for this reason that I am supporting a National Policy for Design in Australia.”

Film designer, Catherine Martin

Other supporters for a National Design Policy include designer Liane Rossler, film designer Catherine Martin, and Kerryn Coker from Arup.

Rossler says that national design policy would help to give designers recognition and respect and enable them to reach new heights, while Coker says innovative, creative and design led solutions can help to surmount our ever increasingly complex social problems.

Designer, Liane Rossler

The AdA has launched it’s campaign on Australian crowd-funding platform Pozible, gathering funding from passionate members of the public.

If you are believe in the future of design then put your money where your mouth is this month and donate $20-$50 to this cause. You will be helping your industry and placing value on the power of design.

Watch the video here explaining the movement.