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The Art of Lounging with Ryan Lawson

We chat to Ryan Lawson, Head of Design at King Living about the art of lounging.


What lounge do you have at home and what is the story behind it?

I’m quite tall and I like to lounge and recline on my sofa so I chose the Jasper for its deep seated comfort and high shoulder support. We also needed a spare bed for when family members stay over and the Jasper converts into a really comfortable bed. The timber shelving on the Jasper ties in with other natural materials and integrates the sofa into our lounge room.  


Which two lounging/seating products from your range are most important and why?

The King Living Neo Modular Deluxe is a really impressive sofa and to me stands out from a design perspective. It can be reconfigured from a right hand chaise to a left hand chaise if you move house, all of the arms and backs are electronically adjustable so the comfort and look can be personalised, it has a beautiful, contemporary look and most importantly it’s really comfortable. There’s also the option of rechargeable batteries to keep messy power cords off the floor, which would spoil its clean, modern design.

The Delta Metro is a brand new sofa we’ve just launched and is an evolution of the Delta II. The Delta II’s award-winning design has been a really important product for King Living. The Delta Metro has all the benefits of the Delta II, including optional storage and the ability to convert to a bed, with some great new features, such as improved comfort, smart pockets, phone charging tables, sofa lights – and more. It’s an incredibly flexible and functional design. A new television commercial for the Delta Metro had to be executed in a very clever way to demonstrate all the features – there are just so many – 30 seconds isn’t long enough to tell the story.

Which (lounging) product from another brand/company do you admire and why?

The iconic Eames lounge chair is a design I really admire. When sitting in this chair you can really appreciate the amount of thought and consideration that has been given to the comfort and ergonomics.


Where is lounging/seating going in the future? What directions in technology, manufacture, material and form have you identified?

I think the direction we’ll see in the future is furniture will become much more technologically advanced, with more functionality, more flexibility and more accessories. The King Cloud II is an example of what I think we will see more and more of in the future, features including programmable seating positions, integrated sounds systems, wireless phone charging tables, sofa lights, gesture controls.

What are the benefits/purpose of lounging?

I think at the end of a day people need a comfortable place to sit down, relax and recharge. You could be chatting, reading or watching a movie but the most important thing is that you’re really comfortable.

How have you seen lounging design change during your time in the industry?

The most significant change I’ve noticed is the integration of technology and the added functionality and features incorporated into furniture design.  

What is your favourite all-time lounge and why?

For me it’s the Neo Modular Deluxe, it’s a great looking piece of furniture, has a lot of functionality and it is highly efficient in its use of materials, reducing its environmental impact.

What is your favourite thing to do on your lounge?

At the end of the day I really like lying down on my sofa and reading with my one year old daughter.

How much time do you spend lounging?

With a one year old at home I don’t have a lot of time to spend lounging but when I do, I like to be really comfortable.

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