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Sam Huff at Paceman Pop Up

Creative Director and Co-founder of Tanner Goods, Sam Huff is more than just a connoisseur of leather, he admires all things with an enduring beauty and appeal – and that includes, food, records and Minis. Alice Blackwood interviews Sam at the Paceman Pop Up.

Q: Tell us about the collaboration between Mini and Tanner Goods?

I think the most important quality Tanner Goods shares with Mini is our approach to the products we design and manufacture. Mini has a strong history within the automotive industry, and whether it’s an original Mini Cooper from the 1960s or the new Paceman, both have the same strong personality.


There’s a nice continuity in what each model represents. Mini has added modern elements while still respecting the past, and that’s essentially what we strive to do at Tanner Goods.

With the retail Pop-Up, having both the Paceman and our full collection displayed side-by-side was a nice juxtaposition of past and present represented in two different mediums: automobiles and durable goods.


Q: How would you describe the culture and philosophies behind your brand?

The folks at Tanner Goods appreciate an honest, simple yet fulfilling lifestyle. We pay close attention to the quality of life above all else. Be it the food we grow and cook at home, the bikes we build and maintain to get around the city, or even the furniture we fill our houses with – it’s a culture that in a lot of ways discards the superfluous.

Likewise, we strive to build goods that not only embrace a timeless aesthetic but are also very utilitarian in their use and constructed with techniques that ensure each piece can be put to good use for years to come. Our customers share this same appreciation for quality products and a pure lifestyle.


Q: Some highlights from your trip with Paceman to Australia?

It’s my third time returning to Melbourne and honestly I feel very much at home now when I visit. Melbourne shares a lot of the qualities that makes my hometown, Portland, Oregon, an enriching place to live. For starters, I haven’t had a bad meal yet! There’s also a bounty of record shops, vintage stores and live music venues to explore. I took in my fair share.


And like Portland, Melbourne feels like a handful of smaller communities with their own character and personality that make up the larger metropolitan area. It’s quite diverse, and has something for everyone.

Q: How would you describe the design hunter in you?

[For me it goes beyond the term design] because to be honest, I love everything that is creative. Be it design, music, architecture, art, apparel, food. And the type of creativity I tend to seek out has one thing in common: longevity.


Look at what Dieter Rams did with Braun and Vistoe, or what Charles and Ray Eames accomplished in their studio in LA. It’s all very inspiring. Take what chefs are doing in both Melbourne and Portland, focusing again on local ingredients and putting an emphasis on the quality of preparation. On some level it’s about getting back to the basics. It’s about doing something simple and honest that exudes quality.


Tanner Goods

Paceman Pop Up