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The Man Behind Bathroom Design Evolution

We sit down for an exclusive chat with Caroma’s Luke Di Michiel to talk about how the role of the bathroom has evolved, uncover the design intent behind Caroma Vogue’s latest collection – and why the Urbane II basin mixer is the designer’s personal favourite.

There’s no doubt that Caroma Vogue‘s new collection is an impeccable embodiment of relaxing respite, luxurious indulgence and refined aesthetic. Unsurprisingly, we wanted to find out what inspired this exquisite range and understand the design process behind it. Our exclusive talk with the designer at the heart of the brand’s latest offering provides a glimpse into how the collection came to be – and why it’s the perfect response to the needs of the modern consumer.

With each product meticulously designed to help construct a lush spa experience in the privacy of a home, and the newly introduced colour palette offering unparalleled opportunities for creative self-expression and customisation, the collection provides a powerful personal and long-lasting appeal. That unique combination makes it irresistibly suitable for today’s society – and Luke Di Michiel explains why: ‘The concept of the bathroom as a sanctuary to escape the pressures of the outside world has shifted consumer expectations and changed the rule book for bathroom design going forward.’ The shift in bathroom design means a much greater focus on personalisation, hygiene and technological integration. ‘With our ability to design holistic bathroom collections and recent technological innovations through Caroma Smart Command, Caroma is in a great position to lead this new bathroom revolution,’ he adds.

So, how did this exquisite range come to life? ‘The design intent was to bring to life complete bathroom collections that provide a clear and considered language across the product range,’ explains Luke. ‘At the same time, we wanted to provide a level of customisation that will allow our consumers to impart their own personal touch and style,’ he adds. This future-forward idea of combining Caroma’s signature high-end design language with the ability to personalise came down to a couple of crucial elements. ‘The refined thin edges and contemporary proportions of both the Urbane II and Liano II collections ensure that all products seamlessly integrate together to support the overall aesthetic,’ Luke elaborates. ‘The choice of colour finishes and optional round and square cover plates and showerheads empower the consumer to personalise their own unique style and preferences. ‘

The unique colourways, finishes and textures shine within the bathroom environment, elevating the space beyond its purely functional purpose by creating an air of a sophisticated refuge. Luke explains the comprehensive design process behind the colour palette: ‘We engaged a wide range of industry specialists as well as premium retailers to help develop our unique colour finish palette,’ he says. ‘We identified a key opportunity in the market to develop premium PVD matte finishes that deliver on both durability with their hardwearing, non-marking finish as well as providing a luxurious and contemporary look and feel.’

With its thin edge profile and considered proportions, the Urbane II basin mixer is an excellent testament to the collection’s methodical and thought-out design process. And it also happens to be Luke’s favourite. ‘The unique rotation of the handle eliminates the traditional cut-out area at the back of the handle and instead resolves in a clean straight line with the mixer body,’ Luke explains his affinity for this particular piece.

And while Caroma’s collection will undoubtedly enjoy a timeless appeal for years to come, Vogue offers a solution that ensures the range is bound to remain en vogue even as the colours and finishes change with time. ‘With colour finishes and designs set to evolve and change over time, our unique Caroma EasySwitch system ensures that we can respond to and drive new trends whilst providing our customers with a simple and cost-effective way to update their bathrooms into the future,’ Luke says.

With Caroma’s signature designs, the breadth of the new collections – and the incorporation of colourful touch-points such as seat hinge caps, flush buttons and bottle traps, Urbane II and Liano II promise the ultimate personalisation capability, careful attention to detail and unmatched quality that will transform any bathroom into an indulgent, personal sanctuary.

Find out more at the Caroma website.

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