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StylecraftHOME: Champions Of Honest And Expressive Design

StylecraftHOME: Champions Of Honest And Expressive Design

StylecraftHOME: Champions Of Honest And Expressive Design

Tony Russell, Brand Director at StylecraftHOME, is working towards elegant and contemporary pieces to enhance residential spaces. Here, he discusses Habitus House of the Year and the evolving nature of design across the Indo Pacific Region.

For a brand like StylecraftHOME, its sophistication and thoughtfulness has put them on centre stage within the architecture and design industry and has influenced the way that we look at spaces.

Working with brands and renowned designers from across the globe, StylecraftHOME has earned a reputation for delivering elegant and high quality furniture that pushes the boundaries between aesthetics and functionality. Returning as a Major Sponsor for Habitus House of the Year, StylecraftHOME celebrates how design can redefine and inspire the way we live.

The philosophy of Habitus draws on residential projects that celebrate the diverse landscapes across the Indo Pacific region. Looking towards architecture and design as expressions of personality, culture and art, Habitus explores the narrative and stories of the creatives that live within. An avid supporter of architecture and design as a means to express memories and diverse ways of life, StylecraftHOME continues to offer a distinct design aesthetic that can be paired to any unique narrative. With timeless pieces that personify creativity and design, StylecraftHOME believes that residential spaces have the ability to act as a canvas for the residents to humanise the home. As a brand that honours honest design with a respect for its context and surroundings, StylecraftHOME is proud to be a part of the Habitus House of the Year initiative.

How do the collections within StylecraftHOME cater to the evolving nature of architecture and design within this region?

The very nature of design and architecture is that it continually evolves and adapts to cater to our changing lifestyles, our social conscience, and advances in the use of materiality. Individual style can then be incorporated to reflect these values. It is our position to ensure the collections within StylecraftHOME resonate with the values and style of our clients.

In your opinion, where do you see residential design in the next ten years? And how will this be supported by StylecraftHOME?

I think we are all becoming extremely aware of the physical and natural habitat that we live in. We’re more conscious to the effects of our actions on the built and living environments and the need to be vigilant for the future. There will be more considerations to our spaces and neighbourhoods, whether it be size, density or liveability. Residential design will reflect our individual values, and StylecraftHOME will support this by our offering of local and international collections of furniture, lighting and accessories. In what ways does the

Habitus House of the Year initiative resonate with StylecraftHOME?

StylecraftHOME, and by extension Stylecraft, have always been a strong supporter of the local design culture. We truly believe the world’s best practice originates from our region and deserves to be celebrated and internationally recognised and StylecraftHOME are thrilled to support the programme in its second year.

What are the key considerations you look for when it comes to picking the best of the best within the Indo Pacific Region?

The inaugural Habitus House of the Year programme was a true reflection of what makes design in our region notable. This year, I believe rewarding designs which are unique and sensitive to the landscape and locality in which they reside are key factors for success.

Why do you think it is an important addition to the Region’s architecture and design calendar?

As well as the benefit of exposing the general public and design community to the innovative designs of the shortlisted residences, I think the merit of the programme also lies in the exposure that small-scale or up-and-coming design firms can receive as a result of Habitus House of the Year. It is an important program to foster and inspire our local design community.

How can the selected projects influence and inspire young, emerging designers facing the changing nature of the architecture and design industry?

The selected projects can influence how young designers can be bold and creative whilst also being sympathetic to the surrounding landscape. Whether it be a new build or renovation, our region offers broad inspiration taking into account our cultures, climate, environment and the individuality of a clients’ specific needs.