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Urban Yoga: Light and Sound Show

The wellness industry is thriving, and a huge part of the movement is yoga – studios are sprouting like mushrooms in city, suburban and even regional locations, and the growth shows no sign of slowing down.

With various strands of the practice appealing to different kinds of yogis, the design of each studio is crucial to creating a particular atmosphere. They are wide-ranging: from earthy and ‘hippy’ in nature (think hemp, bamboo and a focus on the internal practices), to polished and contemporary (polished timber floorboards, art and mirrors).

Among the ubiquity, Urban Yoga manages to offer something different. The studio does away with tradition (no distinct yoga lineage and no Sanskrit), and focuses instead on a progressive soundtrack and curated visuals on a mega screen in the yoga room. The effect is of fusion: yoga practice with a club-like experience. During each session a playlist reinforces the physical crescendo and diminuendo of the sequence, while emotive images cycle through a reel as students cycle through the practice.

“The design concept was to bring a modern and urban feel to a yoga space, so as you can imagine, the contrast [to other studios] was important,” says founder Jacinta McDonnell. “The visual aspect was designed to create a space where we could connect to ourselves and to our community; a space where we could step out of our day-to-day life, and into an experience which looks, sounds and feels better.”

As well as being contemporary in approach, the result is highly stimulating, utilising the full benefit of technology to transport students from their busy urban lifestyles and further into the practice through sensory immersion. Which is just what Jacinta was aiming for – “We want yoga to be an experience, not just physical practice,” she affirms.  

The concept speaks very clearly and successfully to the urban yogi who loves the contemporary music experience. Whether it’s your cup of (herbal) tea or not, the distinctive approach is impressive, and offers something different for the adventurous yogi.

Urban Yoga

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