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The FIRSTDRAFT ANNUAL AUCTION is on until 9pm Friday 4 August – get in...

The FIRSTDRAFT ANNUAL AUCTION is on until 9pm Friday 4 August – get in quick!

The FIRSTDRAFT ANNUAL AUCTION is on until 9pm Friday 4 August – get in quick!

Rebecca Selleck, Bracken Fern Two, 2022

Buy some art, raise money for artists and future free exhibitions that help launch up-and-coming artists – it’s win-win.

It’s on!

With 148 artworks by 136 artists (the full list of artists is below), the 14th annual Firstdraft Auction, one of Australia’s largest art fundraising events, is currently on with bidding closing at 9pm Friday 4 August 2023. Get in quick with those bids and support both the artists and First Draft.

Contributing artists for 2023 include: Tony Albert, Amrita Hepi, Lara Merrett, Casey Chen, Chun Yin Rainbow Chan, Dennis Golding, Garry Trinh, Jason Phu, Jonny Niesche, Khaled Sabsabi, Nancy Constandelia, and recently exhibited artists, Dorcas Tang 邓佳颖, Easton Dunne, Charlotte Haywood, Yvette Hamilton, Amelia Skelton and EJ Son.

Tony Albert, Target’ed (Studio study for Firstdraft), 2023

The Auction is essential to Firstdraft’s mission to support emerging and experimental practice. Artists receive a commission on the sale of their works, with the remaining funds going directly to supporting artists, curators and writers who participate in the Firstdraft program.

Moreover, the auction is a diverse and intergenerational platform for artists to connect with artists and collectors, while supporting multiple generations of practitioners presenting work that champions experimentation, risk and inclusion: “Our annual Firstdraft auction provides critical funds that both support artists directly through the sale of their works whilst also supporting the programming of emerging artists, curators and writers to present their work to the public at Firstdraft on a year round basis,” says Caity Reynolds, Firstdraft General Manager.


1. Go to the Firstdraft Auction Website

2. Click ‘register’ and follow the instructions to sign up to bid on the artworks in the 2023 Firstdraft Auction.

3. Start Bidding.

Firstdraft is hosting a free Artists Party on Friday 4 August 2023 from 6-10pm to celebrate the annual fundraiser. The night will feature music by Jon Ra and Mazzacles and is generously supported by Calendar Cheese Company, Simon Johnson and The Grifter Brewing Co.

Anna Pogossova, 31.496348°S 115.586320°E (Atlantis), Shot Bag Counterweight (with Metamorphic Rock), 2022


1. Go to the Firstdraft Auction Website

2. Click ‘Register’ and follow the instructions.

Full list of 2023 Firstdraft Auction Artists:

Eddie Abd, Maissa Alameddine, Elyas Alavi, Tony Albert, Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer, Emma Armstrong-Porter, Tully Arnot, David Attwood, Kylie Banyard, Ju Bavyka, Rat Bedlington, Neil Beedie, Monika Behrens, Seth Diego Birchall, Karen Black, Tom Blake, Amber Boardman, Kate Bohunnis, Nick Breedon, Matt Bromhead, Hannah Brontë, Kate Brown, Teresa Busuttil, Damien Butler, Raquel Caballero Gary Carsley, Chun Yin Rainbow Chan, Casey Chen, Andrew Christie, Aaron Christopher Rees, Mathew Clarke, Catherine Clayton-Smith, Erin Coates, erincox, Lillian Colgan, Nancy Constandelia, Alice Couttoupes, Leo Coyte, Gabriel Curtin, Marley Dawson, Paula Do Prado & Tomas Marinangeli, Ara Dolatian, Kelly Dolly, Nikolaus Dolman, Charlie Donaldson, Szymon Dorabialski, Simone Douglas, Easton Dunne, Sarah Edmonson, Leila El Rayes, Leila El Rayes And Justine Youssef, Mitch Ferrie, Keesha, Catherine Field, Mia Forrest, Heath Franco, Todd Fuller, Alex Gawronski, Dennis Golding, gustralia, Yvette Hamilton, Jack Harman, Tina Havelock Stevens, Susan Hawkins, Charlotte Haywood, Amrita Hepi, Nadia Hernández, Anthony Hodgkinson, Visaya Hoffie, Jesse Hogan, Morgan Hogg, Yvette James, Gillian Kayrooz, Blake Lawrence, Sam Leach, Belem Lett, James Lieutenant, Eugenia Lim, James Little, Deborah Louise Kelly, Gabby Malpas, Daniel Mckewen, Mish Meijers, Lara Merrett, Clare Milledge, Kate Mitchell, Nick Modrzewski, Jazz Money, Cobie Ann Moore, Nolan Ho Wung Murphy, Audrey Newtown, Jonny Niesche, Emily Parsons-Lord, Jason Phu, Anna Pogossova,, Tom Polo, NC Qin, Mandy Quadrio, Ben Quilty, Morus Quin, Monica Rani Rudhar, Elvis Richardson, Betty Russ, Billy Ryan, Koji Ryui, Khaled Sabsabi, Huseyin Sami, Lisa Sammut, Marikit Santiago, Nick Santoro, Rebecca Selleck, Amelia Skelton, Nicola Smith, Diana Baker Smith, EJ Son, Giselle Stanborough, Greg Stanford, M. Sunflower, Jayanto Tan, Dorcas Tang 邓佳颖, Katie Theodorus, Garry Trinh, Natalie Quan Yau Tso, Kate Vassallo, Azrielle de Vor, Skye Wagner, Kai Wasikowski, Alana Wesley, Jodie Whalen, Bryden Williams, Paul Williams, Min Wong, Zoe Wong, Yiorgo Yiannopoulos, Paul Yore, Siying Zhou, Tianli Zu.

Photography: Jessica Maurer

Koji Ryui, Have a Nice Day (Soft Core edition), 2017
Ben Quilty, A freaked out melon, 2023
Erin Coates, We’re always touching underwater, 2022
Hannah Brontë, Made to be Gentle, 2023
Huseyin Sami, Untitled (BB), 2021
Jonny Niesche, Sunset synonym (honey hologram), 2023
Karen Black, Feelings-3, 2023
Visaya Hoffie, Memory Palace, 2023


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