Dinosaur Designs: 30 Years of Inspiration

Editorial Team

Celebrating 30 years of creativity, Australian design duo Dinosaur Designs launched their first book, The Art of Dinosaur Designs with much excitement at the Olsen Irwin Gallery.

Dinosaur Designs have been a significant powerhouse in the Australian creative community for 30 years, with their signature aesthetic infusing their numerous jewellery and resin object collections. In celebration of this, Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy, the dynamic duo behind the brand, have launched their first book, The Art of Dinosaur Designs in commemoration of their achievements and evolution.

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“With this book, we want to open our hearts and minds to you, and share our inspirations, ideas and processes. We’d like to welcome you to our studio, where all our resin pieces are made, and share our insights into the processes we’ve developed over many years while creating the visual language of Dinosaur Designs,” say Louise and Stephen.

The launch event was hosted at the Olsen Irwin Gallery in Sydney’s Woollahra on the 28th of September.

Dinosaur Designs

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Words by Christina Rae.

Photography by Chloe Paul.

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