Recruit Indesign Falls In With The Movers And The Shakers

In any industry, the end of year is a notoriously tough time to recruit; the festive spirit is in full-flight and everything else is being nudged into the list of things to tackle in the new year. Despite making its debut amidst such circumstances, Recruit Indesign will be closing the year out in celebration of a very warm industry reception, and the promise of an exciting year ahead.

In the short month since its launch, Recruit Indesign has begun accruing a choir of clients singing its praises – one of which being Australian owned and operated furniture and joinery designer / manufacturer, Maxton Fox. “Maxton Fox is going through an exciting transformation and the role we were looking for was pretty much a golden ‘unicorn’,” says Belinda Hall, Maxton Fox’s marketing director, “Sue immediately understood the kind of person and energy we needed, and I’m very pleased with the options she proposed. We ultimately found the next great addition to our growing Maxton Fox team.”

As for what’s in the works at the moment, Sue, Recruit Indesign’s chief talent officer, can’t give too much away, but she does disclose that the industry is alive with movements – if only one knows where to look. “The design industry is busy if you are partnering with the right clients, being brave about decisions and talking to the industry at all times,” says Sue, “We are working across a variety of roles in interior design, architecture and across a number of verticals, including product design and the increasingly sought-after discipline of CX/UX.”

Though for Sue and much of the Recruit Indesign team, Sydney is called home, admittedly Sydney is not the most opportunistic place in the Indo Pacific region at the moment – which is where having that all-important region-wide presence comes in. “We have seen the markets change over the last year and certainly since our inception other markets have been busier than Sydney,” says Sue, “Singapore is becoming busier and I genuinely think that next year will bring about  better upturn in the Sydney market, albeit the chat thus far has been indifferent to that.”

“Our focus [in 2020] will be to move with the market, to be fluid with our clients, and to deliver solutions in the places that need it the most.”

Recruit Indesign