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Celebrating World Class Glass – Riedel Performance

Famed for their legendary glassware since the 1970s, in 2018 Riedel has launched the Performance collection – with a party at Sydney’s Quay to celebrate.

The accumulation of four decades of research, Performance is the finest Riedel glassware collection yet. The ideal way to honour the finest wine deserved the ideal party, and Sydney’s renowned Quay restaurant were up to the task.

Since the introduction of the original Sommeliers series in the 1970s, the Riedel brand has become deservingly acclaimed for its ingenuity in the world of fine wine glasses. In 2018, a collaboration between the 10th and 11th generations of the Riedel family led to the creation of Performance. Father and son Georg and Maximilian Riedel joined forces to bring wine connoisseurs the brand’s most technologically advanced series ever – combining decades of experience in grape varietal specific glassware with an optic design that heightens the drinker’s experience.

Riedel CEO Maximilian says “My father and I have been working together for the last 20 years but always on the business side. He always walked his path of “design follows function”, and for me it was more of the creative side. We met somewhere in the middle”

The result is a collection that sparkles in design, and honours any wine that it houses. Compared to typical wine glasses, Performance shows more minerality than fruit, and shows more of the terroir of each wine. The real miracle of the design is the increased length of the aftertaste and the structure on the palate. This is glass design that functions beyond beauty – truly transforming the way a wine drinker appreciates each varietal.

We raise a glass to Riedel and the Performance range, and congratulate the team of a wonderful launch, and an even more wonderful collection of truly designer glassware.


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