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Psst! Here’s a Sneak Peek of the Habitus House of the Year Video...

Psst! Here’s a Sneak Peek of the Habitus House of the Year Video Series

While we get ready for the biggest issue of the year to hit shelves – the Habitus House of the Year special edition – we’ve also been working away behind the camera on a video series… and here’s a sneak peek.

For months now we have been working on the biggest issue of the year, the Habitus House of the Year special edition, which features an incredible array of projects from across the Indo Pacific.

From family homes to sprawling holiday houses, renovated townhouses to sustainable tiny dwellings, the houses in the Habitus House of the Year line-up express the diversity of what it means to live today.

I have personally always loved how Habitus seeks out and curates the most incredible homes, people and products, pulling back the veil on the variety of cultures and climates from around the region – it is this unique lens that continues to set Habitus apart.  Through its careful curation, we offer an original perspective into architecture and design, ultimately showing a way of living that is grounded in regionality.


While the magazine makes its way to your doorstep and onto shelves, we’re over the moon to give a little teaser of something else we’ve been working away on.

The Habitus team has created a video series to capture the essence of House of the Year and distil it into a different format – a collection of four short video episodes – and it is an understatement to say that we can’t wait to share it with you!

The videos dive into four key themes drawn out of the projects and unpack what it means to live in design. This video series takes Habitus’ singular approach even deeper and considers the ideas that are shaping design in the Indo Pacific.

Expect to see some new and familiar faces, as architects and jury members share their insights:

– Alexander Symes (Alexander Symes Architect)
– Howard Tanner (Consulting architect and Habitus House of the Year juror)
– Kim Bridgland and Aaron Roberts (Edition Office)
– Virginia Kerridge (Virginia Kerridge Architect)
– David Clark (Design editor and Habitus House of the Year juror)
– Matt Krusin (Tobias Partners)
– Renato D’Ettorre (Renato D’Ettorre Architects)
– Plus many more!

The episodes will officially kick-start from October 14, but here’s a sneak peek below:

A New Kind of Green

Sustainability is an imperative of our time. In this episode, we consider the role that architecture has to play in creating environmental solutions that make our homes more comfortable, durable and future-proofed.


Future Monuments

Buildings should endure, passing from one generation to the next. Through an approach grounded in timeless design and quality, this episode explores what design longevity means. High-quality materials, details that don’t shout, design that looks beyond mere trends – homes that can adapt and even be adapted.


The Wellness Revolution

The benefits of connecting to greenery and being surrounded by natural materials have come to the fore, especially throughout Covid. Our homes are sanctuaries, offering us respite and refuge. In this episode, we examine how biophilic elements in our homes are part of the wellness revolution. 


Return to the Local

Supply chains have been drastically affected throughout the pandemic. But through the process, there has been a resurgence in working with local makers and manufacturers, relying once again on local skills and knowledge.

We are thrilled that the Habitus House of the Year video series will launch on 14 October.

Stay tuned for more habitusliving.com/houseoftheyear

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