“The Industry Comes Together As One” At Saturday Indesign And Stylecraft Will Be There For The Ride

Fondly remembered as a hot ticket item in years’ gone by, we’re pleased to announce that Stylecraft Melbourne will be welcoming designers once more for Saturday Indesign – this time into its completely revamped space on Flinders Lane and Russell Street in the CBD.

Right from the very beginning, Stylecraft has been involved with Saturday Indesign. “We’ve been represented in every location that the event has been to – Singapore, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne. We’ve always been a strong supporter and we can’t wait to once again show clients, and new faces, the ‘Stylecraft Hospitality’ that we’re known for,” shares Tony Russell, Stylecraft’s brand director.

Unfolding over all four floors of the Stylecraft and StylecraftHOME showroom, the space will be curated into a special selection of HOME/WORK/LEARN settings. Among these typologies there will be more than 20 new products to take in, some being brand-new to the Australian market.

As a showcase of everything that’s newly released, Tony says this is just another reason why Stylecraft didn’t think twice about being involved. “It’s a great opportunity to showcase the newest innovations and freshest products in design – both from Australian designers and abroad,” he says.

At its core, Saturday Indesign is about recognising design from here and the world. It’s a true “celebration of design” and as Tony understands from experience, it’s “one of the few times that the industry comes together as one.” Now that is something truly worth celebrating!

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Saturday Indesign

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