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The Habitus Top Ten From The Thailand International Furniture Fair 201...

The Habitus Top Ten From The Thailand International Furniture Fair 2018

Each year Habitus attends the Thailand International Furniture Fair and reports back the top ten pieces and designers that you need to know now.

Set to become Asia’s most stylish fair, the Thailand International Furniture Fair 2018 sees a celebration toward the creative and innovative reintroduction of the regional’s culture, craftsmanship, and industry. Here are the Habitus top picks.


1. Spot Coffee Table

Created by: ROOM Lab

Practicality for everyday living. Versatile and responsive to different lifestyles. The timeless tie between the luxury natural stone and the warm Oakwood comes with a removable wooden tray to give an extra layer of space for storage and decoration. A void to fill with mood and tone of the day.

Find out more: www.roomlab.design


2. Ternary Chair


An easy chair in disguise. For those who prefers a minimalist item. The clean looking contemporary chair is a disguise of the 3 craftsmanship of wood, metal, and interlace. The union of the 3 materials is an incognito to the untrained eyes, whereas the truth is in the details.

Find out more: www.thelifeshop.co.th


3. Toom Hanging Lamp

Created by: JOAR

The beauty of imperfection from the honesty of the material. The seamless and translucent stone sculpture, crafted from the abundance waste of the industrial mine, to give a soothing effect through a minimalist effort of less is more. The oriental ‘brushstroke’ effect from the hand of nature ensure each lamp a unique piece in the world.

Find out more: www.solidsenseliving.com


4. The Intersect Stool

Created by: Manifesto Designs

The heavy-metal stool. The process of making this stool is a fusion language of art and science, with the laser-cut steel plates to precisely celebrate the beauty of the mathematical pattern. The pairing of acrylic and steel resulted in an elegance beyond the expectation of an industrial style. Rock on.

Find out more: www.manifestodesigns.com


5. Star Diffuser

Created by: Vuudh

The aroma with style. The next evolution from the award-winning diffuser takes the physical language of a starfruit, an auspicious symbol in the tradition of the region. Handcrafted with high precision for the doubled glass wall moulding technique, to ensure a delicate execution to enhance the visual aspect of the scent.

Find out more: www.vuudh.com


6. Zen Table

Created by: Philos

The opposite attraction of Zen meets Art Nouveau. This side table is a marriage of a minimalist Ash wood and an ornamental metal work. The wooden top works as a display box to enhance anything on it into a décor piece on the crafted stand.

Find out more: www.philoscopenhagen.com


7. PP Pubb Pouf

Created by: Ayodhya

When a home needs a cosy craftwork. Inspired by the traditional reed mat from the northeast village of Thailand and reinvented with the wrap-around playfulness of handwoven polypropylene. Its durability and neutral design language can reside in both indoor and outdoor areas that need alleviation.

Find out more: www.ayodhyatrade.com


8. Galaxy Chair

Created by: Lookyang Design

The futuristic seat to the rescue. Collected and made from the latex of the rubber plant, the future of the earth looks bright again with this experimental approach to sustainability. The sleek and sculptural form makes an environmental-friendly objet d’art for any active space and beyond.

Find out more: +66863269074, lookyangrubber@gmail.com


9. The Stillness through Movement Sofa Chair

Created by: Naughty & Arty

Return of the bold colours. The fading hand-crafted skills of wood work and embroidery in the region are romantically revived in the form of this contemporary chair. The matrimony between the masculine language of the teak wood and the delicate feminine colour schemes is a feature décor for any space.

Find out more: www.naughtyarty.com


10. Pinto Tiffin

Created by: Charm-Learn Studio

For that chic outdoor picnic. The traditional dining lifestyle of the region is reintroduced in the language of Ceramic stoneware and Porcelain, with the leather handle strap to execute the heritage look. The monotone choice of the tiffin makes an award-winning serve to celebrate the vibrancy of any food.

Find out more: www.facebook.com/charmlearnstudio

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