A Design Evolution

For 75 years, Caroma has been a leading supplier of quality bathroom fittings and furnishings. Now, with their latest Vogue collection, the next evolution in bathroom design is here

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the bathroom is its soul. Where kitchens spill into living rooms and out onto backyards, bathrooms retreat in – a sanctuary for solitude, privacy and rituals of self-care. Because of this, the bathroom is an expression of self, a narrative of shape, texture and materiality that speaks to who we are when there’s no one watching.

Despite this, the everyday bathroom is one that has largely been governed by practicality. We choose toilets that save water and fittings that are steam resistant, selecting function over form and dressing up our pragmatisms with French candles and hand loomed towels.

Now, form and function can finally co-exist, with the release of a new collection from one of Australia’s most iconic bathroom brands. Building on 75 years of excellence, Caroma has brought Urbane II and Liano II to the market, ranges that combine innovation and design to create bathrooms that look as good as they work.

Infusing contemporary Australian aesthetics with pioneering technology and sustainable excellence, the Urbane II and Liano II have raised the bar in luxury bathroom offerings. Perfect for energising mornings and relaxing nights, this curated range of products make aspirational bathrooms achievable, encouraging true creative expression by way of an inspired colour palette. For the first time, each of the collections offerings are available in five luxe finishes, starting from timeless chrome and evolving to the more modern tones of matt black and brushed brass.

When it comes to the collection itself, think sleek mixer taps and oversized rain showers, sophisticated shapes in rich hues. As always, Caroma offers a collection that looks beyond statement pieces, creating a holistic design narrative with coordinating flush plates, robe hooks and towel rails. What’s more, PVD finishes, common in-wall bodies, orbital technology and adjustable flush pipes ensure installation is kept simple and that products and fittings can be interchanged later without changing plumbing.

Investigate further and it’s evident this is a collection that is just as much about performance as it is about design. Showers are revolutionised with V-Jet Technology, giving an unprecedented level of control over water pressure, while toilets feature GermGard and Cleanflush – patented innovations that help protect against harmful bacteria and create a cleaner, more hygienic and water efficient toilet.

In a space that can be difficult to fit out, this range breaks the mould. It provides the products, finishes and vision we need to create bathrooms that are driven by design, all while maintaining the outstanding performance and function that is at the core of the wider Caroma brand. Indeed, with a focus on personalisation and creative self-expression, the Urbane II and Liano II bring bespoke Australian styling to the Vogue range, allowing for wet spaces that are not just bathrooms but sanctuaries.

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