Dialling In With Seear-Budd Ross

Seear-Budd Ross is a New Zealand architecture studio based in Wellington, founded by Thomas Seear-Budd and James Ross in 2019. Within its first 12 months of business, the architects and small business owners have had more than an expected amount of uncertainly when starting a business, being a global health crisis and a period of total lockdown in New Zealand that lasted just over 4 weeks.

On today’s episode of Dialling In With Habitus, we chat to Thomas and James about lessons in business and architecture learnt during the time spent working for an established and well-known architecture firm, we speak about intricacies in extracting a client brief to ensure the architectural response meets the atmospheric needs as well as the functional ones, and we speak about the impacts of a country-wide lockdown and how Thomas and James have grown not only as architects but as small business owners.

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