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  • Axolotl Metal is a specialist metal coating for interior and exterior applications. A revolutionary technology developed by the company, where liquified semi-precious metals such as zinc, copper or bronze can be and applied to the surface of any substrate. Axolotl Metal provides a source of inspiration for architects and designers – the technology extends both the design and construction potential of any substrate by lending it the appearance of solid metal without any of the restrictions, such as weight and cost. Once applied, the surface can be treated as if solid allowing endless finished effects, such as etching, carving, burnishing, linishing and texturing.

    Axolotl metal coatings are typically only 0.5mm thick and can be applied to virtually any solid surface of any size or shape. Metals that can be applied include zinc, copper, brass, bronze, aluminium, nickel, iron, pewter and more. By using real metals it gives us the unique ability to apply natural ageing processes such as rusts, pearl, florentine or verdegris patinas.

    One of the core aspects of Axolotl surface research is the development of patinated metal surfaces. All metals will develop a natural patina over time, examples include green copper rooftops, or rusted iron anchors. Decades of research has lead Axolotl to harness these natural organic processes and develop techniques to achieve the elegance of patinated metals, in a matter of days as opposed to decades.

    Substrates that can be bonded with Axolotl Metal include, but are not limited to, MDF, timber, plaster, ceramics, fibreglass, concrete, acrylic, glass and steel.

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    Our metals are applied as a veneer and use significantly less metal and less power than the traditional cast or sheet metal process. It is far cleaner with much reduced pollution created through production. Only 100% recycled metals are used.

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Axolotl pioneered the bonding of semi-precious metals to other substrates over 20 years ago and since then has expanded its range of surfaces to include glass, concrete, timber, terracotta, terrazzo, solid surface, stone and paint, with infinite combinations available to the most creative designers.