CU Beam Duo, Down & Up Lights

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  • Dyson CU-Beam lights use heat pipe technology to cool the LEDs to give them a lifespan of up to 180,000 hours.

    Energy-efficient and long-lasting. Heat Pipe technology addresses the problem of LEDs burning out, or change in colour due to overheating. Six vacuum-sealed tubes span the wings of the CU-Beam suspended light. Each tube contains a drop of water that works to dissipate heat.

    Lightweight for reduced strain on ceiling. The CU-Beam up-light and down-light models weigh just 2.9kg, while the combination model weighs only 3.2kg

    Choice of colour temperature. CU-Beam lights are available in two colour temperatures. Choose either 3000K for a warm ambience or 4000K for brighter, cool white lighting.

    Adjustable width for beams of light. A custom-engineered lens and adjustable shutters provide precise task lighting. Light is directed where it’s needed, preventing wasted light and helping to reduce eye strain.

    Controlled Pyramid of Light. When mounted 1.3m above the task area CU-Beam down-lights projects 643lx evenly over an area of 3.2m x 1.6m

    Steady, consistent light output. Unlike with conventional, fluorescent lighting the Dyson CU-Beam unit emits a clear light that does not flicker and does not distract attention. Also, its light output will not reduce over time.

    Quiet, no humming noises. These lights work silently, without the distracting humming noises that other ceiling lights can produce.

    Optional up-lighting, down-lighting or combination. An up-light casts a pool of light onto the ceiling whereas the down-light can be used for focused work areas. Alternatively, the combination light can be adjusted for a variety of uses throughout the day.

    5 year guarantee Each CU-Beam™ light comes with a guarantee that covers parts for five years.

    Available in 3 colours: Black, Silver or White.

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    Housing materials: Aluminium / Copper / Polycarbonate Optical lens materials: PMMA (Acrylic)




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    Uses heat pipe technology to cool the LEDs to give them a lifespan of up to 180,000 hours, 5 Year guarantee

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